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My experience as an art and dance educator, yoga teacher, as well as my own practice and encounter with somatic body work and creative processes form the basis of my work.


From this interdisciplinary point of view, I develop concepts and formats for diverse groups and different contexts.


Body awareness

Arriving in your body through somatic impulses. 
Simple, somatic impulses enable different people and groups to get to know and perceive themselves and their bodies better. The focus lies on slowly arriving in your own body, perceiving sensory impressions, which are not predominantly visual and do not require a common language. This creates new opportunities to encounter a topic, an environment or other people in an individual and personal way.

Movement mediation

Expressing yourself and finding new spaces
Creative movement tasks form the basis for getting to know yourself better in a playful way. My goal is to create spaces in which movement enables different people to express themselves individually and to create space for their own personality, experiences and feelings.

Experience art

Interdisciplinary encounter with art
Diverse, cross-disciplinary methods and tools create a multi-layered engagement with art, in which each person can find their own personal expression - without right or wrong. My focus always lies on accompanying you in finding and developing your own creative process, and by doing so, establishing personal connections to a wide variety of art forms and works.


My expertise in art and dance education, as well as my experience as a yoga teacher form the basis of my approach. From there on, I develop interdisciplinary concepts and projects for art and movement education for diverse groups of people and contexts.

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