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'there is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy.'

Friedrich Nietzsche


for me, yoga is a way of (re-)grounding myself, of reconnecting with myself and my body.

in my teaching, i want to encourage you to get closer to your heart and body and feel the special human being that you are – on the in- and outside.

i aim to create a room, where everyone feels comfortable and can choose between different options - depending how you and your body are feeling in this exact moment on this exact day.

vinyasa yoga 

in my vinyasa classes, we start softly, warming up our joints and muscles, and then transition into a flow sequence, in which we combine movements in a fluid way. 

every wednesday
9-10pm (cet)

dance station munich (u2 /7 kolumbusplatz)

more information and booking via


my move&feel classes are an invitation to give yourself some time and space to reconnect, breath and feel.
each class starts with a slow arriving in our bodies and the spaces we are in, using meditation and pranayama (breath work).
from there, we will gently start moving and end the class with yin-postures, with the aim to allow our nervous systems to regenerate and our minds and bodies to recharge.

every sunday
6-7pm (cet)
online (zoom)

more information and booking via

monday moving meditation

the moving meditations are shorter classes, taking place on monday evenings. we will come together for 30 minutes to end the day peacefully, with slow stretches and movements, and then transition into a short meditation.

on demand

7.30-8pm (cet)
new dates coming shortly

more information and booking via

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