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ongoing series, watercolour on canvas paper


having emerged as an alternative way of interacting with and connecting to the body, the series ‘inside/insight’ is an ongoing dialogue between the artist and her body, in which the artist uses somatic practices and unconscious movement to express hidden parts and feelings within her body. through conscious listening to sensations, the body’s potential to embody and co-create knowledge in a non-linear way serves as an inspiration to remain experimental and allows the artist to follow a process- rather than a product-focused approach to making sense of and in this world.


space of being(s)
installation as part of the goldsmiths ma arts and learning exhibition 2022


how can we, through unlearning and rediscovering the ways in which we interact with our bodies, find alternative ways of understanding and co-creating, to connect and relate to ourselves, as well as to other human and non-human bodies? 

in 'space of being(s), different types of bodies are invited to intuitively and spontaneously make and create – together of by themselves. the installation is an attempt to imagine an alternative museum/gallery/exhibition space, in which different bodies are invited to rest and be, and in which  questions of comfort and belonging are newly negotiated.

Domenica Ewald_cactus costochondritis.jpeg

cactus costochondritis
cactus and kinesiology tape


'cactus costochondritis' is an attempt to digest the experience of going through and living with long-covid, which for the artist resulted in an inflammation of the chest area and ribcage, especially the sternum (a so-called costochondritis). by trying to make sense of being in a strange body, a body which is neither the body from before nor after the illness. the tape and cactus act as material bodies visualising the artist's feelings and sensations.

Domenica Ewald_82 days my feet are standing still.jpeg

82 days my feet are standing still
acryl colour on paper
the work is a series of 82 footprints, visualising the equivalent for the repetitive and monotonous movements that were part of the artist's body after having been diagnosed with long-covid. its aim is to highlight not only the endurance and patience necessary for recovery, but for living in a body that is carrying the burden of being invisibly disabled.

rehabilitation programme
short movie


the short film acts as a tool to document a dis-abled body in recovery. it critically questions how society is still coining the way bodies should look like and the ways in which they should function.

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