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What we want...!

What we want...! is a platform that was launched in 2018 by Domenica Ewald and Daniela Mühlbauer. The aim is to promote the visibility of various young performers - regardless of language, previous knowledge or cultural experience.

After What we want...! #1, the second edition now wants to go one step further: In the form of a film, we want to give art a voice again and make its indispensability visible. Cultural venues such as dance studios, museums, cinemas, theaters and more, which had to remain closed during Covid-19, are to be given a face again and their current emptiness filled with color.

Performance: Noam Block I Annika Brühl I Anastassia Deiser I Luca Dirrigl I Julia Gebhardt I Maren Handel I Juli Haselhorst I Leonie Hofmeister I Linda Hruby I Jule Jainz I Verena John I Emily Kreutzfeld I Luisa Lapp I Henriette Leipold I Pauline Meinecke I Melina Panic I Kirsa Poppner I Katharina Stanglmayer I Chiara Stein I Jonathan Stein I Katharina Stevanovic I Mina Traykova ​

Artistic direction and concept: DoppioDe by Domenica Ewald & Daniela Mühlbauer ​

Choreographc: Domenica Ewald Daniela Mühlbauer Alexandra Karagianni Judith Seibert ​

Film: Francesca Valeria Karmrodt ​

Musik: Stephan Goldbach ​

Painting: Mercedes Corvinus ​

Coordination: Domenica Ewald ​

In Cooperation with Tanzstudio BewegGrund I Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus und Kunstbau München I Gasteig München I Arena Filmtheater


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