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was wir wollen...! (what we want...!) #2


was wir wollen…! is a platform cureated by the doppiode collective, which aims to promote the visibility of different young people – no matter their lived experiences or language. within the process, the focus lies on finding out what makes each young individual unique; to define what motivates and moves them.

trailer was wir wollen...! #1 (2019)


that's newperlach!


a cooperation of newperlach (munich) schools, fahrender raum, fokus tanz, zeitfrei & münchner kammerspiele.

together with different artists, school communities from four schools from neuperlach, munich, came together to question the city they live in: what is the city? how important is their borrow district to them? where do they see themselves in it? what would they like to change? what do they imagine for the future? how should people co-exist?


senga nengudi - haltungen (postures)


in 2019, the lenbachhaus munich invited different groups and interested individuals to confront themselves with the work of artist senga nengudi.

in cooperation with different artists, dancers and art mediators, they developed postures and created their own movements, sounds, languages or drawings.

caravaggio bewegt ( caravaggio moves)


a short film as part of the exhibition “utrecht, caravaggio and europe”, created together with pupils from 3 different munich schools, a team of six dance artists from fokus tanz munich, the art mediation team of the alte pinakothek & the filmmaker severin vogl

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